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Milk Thistle Extract is extracted from the dried seeds or fruit of Silybum marianum L. Gaertn. It has many pharmacological effects including hepatoprotective, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic and antitumour properties. Silymarin, particularly silybinin, are responsible for the pharmacological effects.

Milk Thistle Extract

  • EP/USP/DAB Standard

    Silymarin UV80%, Yellowish brown, amorphous powder. extracted by Ethanol, Acetone, or Ethyl Acetate(E.A.), consisting of,
     20-45% of Silychristin & Silydianin, 
     40-65% of Silybin A&B,
     10-20% of Isosilybin A&B.


    Regular Specification
    Silymarin UV80%, HPLC40-65%(by Ethanol, Acetone, or E.A.);
    Silymarin UV80%, Silybin HPLC30%, or Silybin&Isosilybin HPLC30%(by Ethanol or Acetone).


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